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How Chiropractic Adjustments Affect Your Brain

“90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by movement of the spine.”

— Dr. Roger Sperry Nobel Prize Recipient for Brain Research.

Did you know that when a spinal vertebra loses proper alignment or movement (known in chiropractic terms as vertebral subluxation), there is a decrease in brain and central nervous system activity and function? Research proves that subluxations exist in the spine but cause problems in the other parts of the body because of their influence on the brain. Proper alignment assures proper brain to body communication and improved overall health. Back problems involve much more than the sensation of pain as back problems impact overall body health. It is worth remembering that pain is usually the last symptom to develop, and back problems might be underlying for a long time without any pain or symptoms (such as headaches, dizziness etc.).

So where does chiropractic fit in? Chiropractic increases brain and central nervous system activity and function by checking and adjusting the spine on a regular basis. The health of the spine and posture directly relate to the spine’s relationship with the brain health. Health deteriorates as the spine and posture deviate further from normal motion and alignment. A chiropractic adjustment removes blockages from the nervous system and restores segmental movement and alignment.

There is increasing amount of research to support the link between a healthy spine and brain. A study published in a medical journal in 2016 proved a major connection between an adjustment of the subluxated spine leading to significant brain improvement. A specific area of the brain most affected by the adjustment was the pre-frontal cortex. The pre-frontal cortex plays a significant role in executive functions, focus control, attention, memory, initiation of activity, and response to stimuli. This area plays a critical role with attention and focus problems, memory, and learning issues. Improving the pre-frontal cortex also impacts many other symptoms exhibited by children or adults because the brain directs all aspects of health, function, and human performance.

Specific chiropractic adjustments help to remove interference from nervous system and thus improve the communication between the brain and the body to allow us function at 100%. Who wouldn’t want to be functioning at 100%?

To find out more on how to function at your best why not talk to our Dublin chiropractors today. We are here to help you function at your full potential.

-Anna Telford, DC.


Manipulation of Dysfunctional Spinal Joints Affects Sensorimotor Integration in the Prefrontal Cortex: A Brain Source Localization Study (2016). Lelic D., Niazi IK., Holt K., Jochumsen M., Dremstrup K., Yielder P., Murphy B., Drewes AM., Haavik H.

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